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American Country Chippendale Tall Post Bed

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American Country Chippendale Tall Post Bed

This is another example of how rural craftsman in America could capture the essence of a style while limiting themselves to a few basic design elements. A blocked foot, a vase turning, and the superimposed column combine to precisely reference the classical elements lauded by the period aesthethic. We believe it is the understated sophistication of this bed that makes it among our most popular.

Like on many beds of the period, the standard headposts for this bed are tapered pencil headposts. We have priced the bed with all four posts turned. The 4-piece tester, as pictured, is standard.

Basic pricing shown applies to single and double size beds. Upcharges for queen and king size beds are shown.

Item# 03-0000cc1

Price Dimensions


Curly Maple


Queen Size
$564 - Additional

King Size
$814 - Additional

Pencil Headposts
$833 - Deduct

Height 80"